ILIFE V5S Pro review

ILIFE V5S Pro review

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The iLife V5s pro is a recent Update from the V5s.

For less than $200, the V5s Pro includes a surprising number of features. There are sensors for smart navigation, a scheduling system for people who are active, strong suction and auto-recharge.

The V5s Pro is not any different.

You can quickly change in the massive dust bin with filters into the water tank with an attached mop cloth in a few seconds.

This robot vacuums fairly nicely, although it’s only really designed It does not work that well on low-pile carpeting.

Additionally, it mops well and can quickly clean fluid spills and dust on the ground .

Takes a little longer to get the floor done. The V5s Pro also tends to bulge a bit too hard into things.
However, it does not render any uncleaned patches, and once it’s done it will often find its way back to the charging dock.

I really like that you can manually control its movements using the remote controller. The scheduling feature is fantastic too.


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