Samsung UE40JU7000 review

Samsung UE40JU7000 review

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Samsung has had a good run in the star ratings with its JU7000 series televisions. So far, we’ve seen 65in and 48in versions of this upper mid-range 4K set, and now we have the baby of the group at 40in – the smallest size screen Samsung has to offer in UHD.

These more compact dimensions open up 4K as an option for those with less space, and with a price tag under £900, the technology is now more accessible than ever.

Even better, this set follows in the footsteps of its JU7000 family in being an excellent-value TV that delivers across the board, combining features, functionality and performance to make it a very compelling proposition indeed.


Samsung UE40JU7000 – Design and Features

Apart from its relatively small screen – by UHD standards – the other instantly obvious thing about the UE40JU7000’s design is that it uses a flat screen rather than the curved ones found on most of Samsung’s mid-range and high-end TVs this year.

As a result, it isn’t quite as striking to look at as Samsung’s curved models – although it also means you won’t have to concern yourself with the potential issues relatively small curved screens can suffer from. Instead you can enjoy the premium appearance of its silvery metallic finish, slender frame and striking single-raised-bar stand design.


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